Natural Yellow Diamond?


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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
I don't get this a) how is a 0.71ct diamond only a 3.7mm? surely it should be nearly 6mm?
And b) look at the screen grab where is the yellow? (excuse the grab i have no idea how to remove the background and just show the video stream bit lol i've tried moving it around but it doesn't work!)


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A hint of a tint?

Hi Cherub, yep you're right about the diamond diameter according to this chart. That would mean the width of the band supporting the central diamond would be 6mm + as it looks, in the link slightly wider than the stone its supporting. But....with just 6.19gms of Platinum, I'm dubious the band will be as wide as that....and I'm assuming there's no hollowing out on the underside of the setting! Yet another example of TJC's lack of attention to correct details??

If there's any yellow it is extremely subtle, in fact Chloe last night was trying (unsuccessfully) to sell a natural pink diamond pendant. Try as I may on the telly and the pooter, I failed to see any pink....couldn't make out what colour they were supposed to be! Not surprised it remained unsold. :smirk:
I saw it on air and the code matched the picture and the picture matched the ring Vicki was showing, no yellow what so ever and she kept banging on about the yellow diamond!
Maybe the queen of sparkle had a bit in her eye and it was reflecting yellow!

How strange! Some natural yellows can be very pale but you should still be able to see SOME yellow! :grin:
I saw that live too, it was clearly clear.

They have some howling spwerllingj mustakies. :tongue2:
On again now!

It's not yellow. It has a hint of a tint (if you squint). I reckon that's a K/L colour but certainly wouldn't be classified as a natural yellow - not in a month of Sundays.

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