Nails Inc & Beauty Day TSV 17/7/08


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Did we have the details of this one yet?

Here are the details for the Nails Inc TSV.

Nails Inc 10 Piece Burst of Colour Collection
£25.50 + £4.45

10 x Nails Inc Professional Nail Lacquers in : -
Montrose Hall
Elizabeth Street
Chester Place
Brompton Place
Eaton Mews
Hans Road
Sloane Mews
Ebury Mews
Belgrave Place
Chesham Place.
A complete collection of ten nail lacquer shades
Am I right in saying then that the beauty day is a thursday? I'll save so much money if it is, I don't get home til 7pm on a thurs. Booo, bring back beauty Sundays with 3 easy pays!
I've found 3 of the colours in the TSV - the others might be new or QVC exclusive.


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Does anyone know what the colours look like in this TSV Nails Inc, I am hoping for a lot of bright colours, I think I already have that nice purple one.
Nails Inc. do lovely colours. Nothing stays on my nails for longer than a few days anyway, especially when I'm in the lab cos I have to wear gloves all day, so I'll go for this for sure.

Do you think this is the TSV price already?

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