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Oct 16, 2008
Sorry if this has already been posted, but I can't see a search option anywhere here.

Does anyone know how the nvirosphere compares against the, say, goodspheres or JML fresh air globes?

I am convinced my nvirosphere does nothing useful, also notice their demonstrations with the smoke etc are all with the goodspheres and not their own n-virosphere product (which is a rebranded pure-aire i believe?)

I agree the n-virosphere in my opinon just swishes water around, I threw mine away and went back to the Goodsphere. I have also tried the JML Fresh Air Globe and was very happy with that as well.
Never had an N-Virosphere (but was stupid enough to buy the N-Viro coconut essence - blluurrghghh) but I can vouch for the Goodsphere - top piece of kit IMO and so too are the essences!

I have the Goodsphere system but I purchased 2 of the N-Virosphere essences to try out. I bought the lemon variety and they were useless rubbish and I sent them back. No smell from the units at all. If that's anything to go by.....don't buy their units either.
Goodies are excellent try the proper Goodsphere lemon and Bergamont esscence from Relax Restand Play if they still have some.
I bought the JML one and have had no problems with it. Try Zoflora disinfectant in it, it won't do it any harm. It lasts for ages, and is far cheaper than the essences you buy, it is all I use in mine now. Ideal World's prices are a total rip off in my opinion.

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