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Jun 25, 2008
Has anyone else had one for a couple of years and found it's not a warm as it used to be. I think we've only had it for two years (can't access full account online today for some reason) and we're having to put another duvet on top. Surely it shouldn't be like this?
northern night do not use a tog rating so you will not know how much down filling is in thier duvets. they say they use fill power only. but this only tells you the size of the clusters. most companys will tell you the fill power as well as the tog rating.northern nights dont.very iffy!
if your duvet is feeling less warm it could be the fact that after time the filling goes flat or is lost a little. if it has been well filled you will not notice this but if it has not had enough filling then theres your problem.
i have duvets from god forbid the high street and i have had them for 10 years or more sill soft and lofty and very warm. beware of companys that dont give a tog rating. once at a push suzie adams said that a featured duvet was around 5 togs. this i would not imagine to be very warm or have much filling in it.
fenwicks,john, lewis and even that posh one the white company do exeptional down duvets at really good prices.cheack them out. go and feel the difference.
I have the NN summer duvet (paper thin), I use it all year round, just put a comforter over it in winter and start using my NN flannel sheets..Love all my NN sheets and and accessories :1:..but then I like my bed to be cool rather than too warm, even have to have the bedroom window open all year round :54: can't say i have noticed a change in any of their products, maybe I am just lucky:21:

Thanks everyone. I think I'll contact CS about it as I've a goose feather duvet that is ancient and that's still really warm. Only stopped using that as it's so bliddy heavy. Hubby who is usually always extra warm in bed was the first to say he thought it wasn't as good as before. In the meantime I've been to primark and spent £11 on a hollowfibre one this morning.
the holowfibre duver may well prove to be a better investment. i am not happy with some of the claims made by northern nights. its not fair not to stipulate the tog value when this is what we are used to in england. it looks shifty. then to add insult to injury and say that this is a way of measuring dirt and dander.
the high street sell stuff based on customers being able to feel and judge for themselves not over the top hype.
OURS SEEM to be ok.........i think the bottom sheets have been made bigger to accodate the [ hopefully for sue ] to have bought a feather mattress topper & also some memory foam etc etc.......but in answer to the ????? we have same one in winter last few years & just a sheet & a throw in summer.......so nope not us.......[ though could be my age ]
I'm in the market for a new duvet and thinking of trying a silk one this time. Does anyone have any experience of those?
Well, I'm impressed with how quickly QVC got back to me as I had a phonecall today but as it's over 12 months old there's nothing they can do. Did tell them that I wasn't impressed with the quality of it compared to one that's 20 yeras old and that for the money involved I would have expected better. Was told my comments would be passed to the buyers.
I have found - the ones on the kids beds are soo thin now there is hardly any filling between the two outside sheets. But I have the big down filled one and that is still quite thick and fluffy. It must depend on which one you have. They seem to have sooo many (and featherbeds) it is quite confusing.
It is confusing :confused:

I bought a NN duvet once, Suzy said it was lightweight but still very warm. I had the coldest night ever under the damn thing and sent it straight back. I got one that was 15 tog and it's weighty and warm, just the job for me...... I do like to feel a bit of weight on me at night :1:
I'm in the market for a new duvet and thinking of trying a silk one this time. Does anyone have any experience of those?
Not tried a silk one but bought a pure wool one recently and I am not impressed not as warm as my feather one which is now back on the bed. I am hoping the wool one will be ok in the warmer weather if we get any next year.
Forgot to post that we were all lovely and toasty in the £11 hollowfibre one from Primark so I won't be buying another dear one again.
all the duvets i have bought in the past are nimbus. these are guaranteed for 10 years. some of them i have has laundered and use as guest duvets 12 years later. bought a all seasons one 4.5 tog and 9.0 tog you button them together or use singly these can be bought for £120 in the double. and are 90% white goose down.
the white company will be doing a sale soon and their duvets are lush. beautifull jacquard high thread count cover.
qvc do far too many feather beds and duvets at vastly differing prices and they always say the newest is the best. i have bought some bedding from this range and i am not impressed.
I sent a NN duvet back because it felt too light and wasn't particularly warm either. It just felt like it didn't have enough stuffing (there's another joke there somewhere!).

I now have a feather/down duvet that I think we got from Argos which is toasty warm and heavy enough.

I love my NN flannel bedding, but having sent back a duvet and been very unimpressed with a feather bed will only buy the bedding sets, not any of the other stuff.
I'm loving my Dunelm Mill own brand 90% down quilt. It's soft, light, fluffy & toasty warm. It was the cheapest I could find at £135 for a 13.5 tog superking. At that price I hope it'll last years (it's the first down I've had & has a 5-year guarantee), but it seems well made - good quality fabric & stitching.

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