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Jul 1, 2008
Not the best of photos because I didn't want to use flash I used a small lamp so you can see the colours and sparkle, they are two gorgeous rings.
The large ring is the Pink Topaz, the other is the Kunzite.


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That pink topaz is a lovely sizeable piece, I bought it for my Mum last year, from the CR website, paid a lot more, but it was worth it, it's a stunner! The kunzite is a really pretty design too.

Very pretty rings saphire. The colour in the Topaz is really eye popping. I love Kunzite too; it looks especially sparkly at night. Enjoy wearing them both.
Well saphire, we definitely have similar taste in rings! I have the kunzite's such a lovely clear gem and it seems to glow at night too!

The topaz is a real show-stopper!

I remember when you posted pics of your tanzanite ring, I had ordered the exact same design in emerald!

I'm actually on the lookout for a nice tanzy ring so would be really grateful if you could let me have a note of the style number if you don't mind. That way I can look out for it coming back into stock hopefully!
Perdita the Code for the Tanzanite ring HV572, I hope they get it in again its such a lovely colour, mine I am sure is a AA it could be higher I am being conservative because I have never seen a AAA one in the flesh so don't know how deep a blue it should be.
love them both the kunzit looks a good colour( mine is very subtle)that a way of saying nearly colourless did'nt get it from rocks though and had it a long time now.
the Topaz is great very nice size and colour enjoy your new rings

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