My Pressie from my son ahhhh


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Jun 24, 2008
My son knows of my passion for bling and he treated me to these, sorry i cant get a better picture of the emeralds but they are a beautiful them .
Plus the watch its so comfy to wear so very pleased.....mmmm wonder what he will buy next for me????


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You have a great taste in watches:3:

The emeralds look a great colour,are they the 'glowing from within' green coz they look like it(they are the ones I like)

You're a lucky lady........a son to be proud of,buddy:1:
Hmmmmm, so this is what these 'sons' do is it??? Might have to get me one of those....

Scorps, you lucky lucky thing!!!!
Its lovely to have a son who spoils you rotten, mine does the same.

Your bling it gorgeous, enjoy wearing it x
Lovely pieces Scorpio and what a lovely son you have - do you hint what you like or he just has great taste :)
Wow - what a lucky mum you are!! All my son does is grunts! Can we swap? :)
Scorps, what lovely gifts! Lucky you!
You'll feel even prettier wearing them when they come as a gif with love, won't you?
So bloomin' hard to get pix of the emeralds to show the real colour, but they look very sparkly.

Were other emerald fans drooling, like me, at the ring and earrings Angelina Jolie wore to the Oscars? Wonder her earlobes weren't down round her ankles the earrings were so huge!! Her bling was borrowed, though, Marie's are hers.... with love.... makes a world of difference in my book. ( I have no children so somewhat envious of that baby bond!!)
Ooooo I saw those, Mathilda!! Every single close up of Ange I was like 'Oh Cheesey Peeps, I NEEEEEEEED that jewellry!!!' You could see that they were pretty clear too....just gorgeous!!!!!!

.....although would have looked tons nicer with SJP's barely mint dress, but that's just a me thing!!! Lol!!!
I thought they looked like great big lumps of green glass :YIKES:...obviously they were real :WHO KNOWS: but they looked quite vulgar to me. :pPC:
I thought they looked like great big lumps of green glass :YIKES:...obviously they were real :WHO KNOWS: but they looked quite vulgar to me. :pPC:
Reminds me of the story told by Elizabeth Taylor..... she was at a dinner party and Princess Margaret was there..... the chat turned to Miss Taylor's fabulous jewellery, she was wearing the famous "Taylor -Burton diamond ring......"oh,how vulgar" says Princess Margaret.... would you like to try it on, says Miss T..... hands ring to Princess to try on, which she does.... and holds her hand out, admiring the ring.... "there," says Miss T... "doesn't look so vulgar now, does it?" :54::1:

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