My new small haul ... all .925!


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Sparkle plenty

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Jul 14, 2008
Have just received these:

Thought this was pretty, so I got one in each stone to see which was nicer, on the theory that I would send one back.

I can't decide between them so they are both staying!

They were both £34 which is not cheap-cheap but I don't mind for settings that are so nice!

This really is the 'pick of the litter'. It's really beautiful and, most importantly, the setting is very elaborate and beautifully executed. I paid £59 for it, which is pretty steep, but it looks a lot more and I'm really really impressed with the workmanship. I might even get a valuation on this one ...

As I can be pretty critical of Gems when they mess up, I'm resolved to send them a 'well-done' email to balance things out!
Great haul SP

Wow Sparkleplenty, you will sure be living up to your name wearing all those gemstones, approx 150 of them......if I'm correct. ;)

I bet they all look very eye catching irl and would love to see some piccies if possible. Well done on a great haul. :mysmilie_735.gif:
ooooh nice, I got that first ruby ring in a recent haul too. I was amazed by it. I had some very cheap ruby and now I have this, it looks so much better than the tat I bought before (not from gems), so I will be selling the tat now. I love the ring and I have it wrapped up ready to go for resizing. Can't wait to wear it!

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