My Morganite ring arrived


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Jun 26, 2008
My nice delivery man arrived right on time this afternoon and brought me my beautiful morganite ring. I am so excited :)it is just gorgeous. the colour and sparkle are beautiful. It's a relly lovely peachy sort of pink, I am over the moon with it. I am so sad I haven't got any real photos of this ring and just the link as it really doesn't do it justice. Here it is anyway:

I was very spoilt today,:p I also took delivery of this paraiba tourmaline.

I have a lovely neon green one but fancied a blue one too. I had chosen my green one out of a couple of blue ones I sent back as the blue was very pale. This ring has a beautiful vibrant blue so I am very happy with this one. I think that's my B'day, Christmas. Anniversay and just beause I'm nice presents sorted out for a few years ahead now:D
Hopefully my husband will forget I said I'd have these for Christmas when the time comes as I really woudl love a big piece of Zultanite and a Tanzanite:rolleyes:
Both are gorgeous Glitzy! I saw the Morganite on TV and lusted after it myself! :D
Lovely Glitzy, that morganite looks particularly lush, well done:thumbup:
Lovely's never too early to shop for Christmas I always say, and you'll have them for many years to come so enjoy! :)
oh boy what a glorious morganite. that is seriously lush.

well done on the PT - at the end of the day it's the colour that must sing to you and it sounds like you've chosen well for yourself.

enjoy wearing both items. Sxx
Well done on finding your perfect PT Glitzy. The Morganite is fab too. I received the same ring yesterday along with 2 other Morganites. Yours had the best saturation of colour. It's a stonker of a ring isn't it with buckets of sparkle and a very clear gemstone.

I'm sure hubby will have forgotten about these when Christmas rolls along. I think I'm buying my pressies for the year 2015! lol

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