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What a selfish family you have Glitzy! Honestly, don't they understand that going without food for a while is cleansing?! :D

Loving your MJO and also the Sphene - I haven't seen that design before and it looks yum!

BTW links 1 and 2 are the same, as are 3 and 4. Does that mean that there's 2 more you need to show us????!!!!! ;)
Ooooooooo Glitzy - NOW you're playing my tune! I adore your Rubellite. Very very very lush. I've got a "thing" about Rubellite! Well worth starving the family for! :D

I'm sure you know this but just make sure that in incandescent light (i.e. in the evening under electric light with the curtains closed) it doesn't show any brown. A true Rubellite will maintain it's pink/redness.
Wow Glitzy what a fantastic selection, I really love the SBT and the trillion Fire Opals are fab. Isn't starvation supposed to be the way towards inner peace or something like that, it's worth a try!!!
Well done Sharon, what a lovely collection you've shown us. Everything seems to have a sparkling bright colour and the designs are all very pretty. Difficult to single out any particular piece but I did think your Amethyst and Iolite ring combined colours very nicely and set in that very pretty floral design.

You did well with your lovely Brazilian Fire Opals, haven't they been saying there are no longer any left? All sold out now.
Wow Glitzy - love them all! They could all have been bought for me - just my taste. Oh well if you get fed up wearing them I know where you could find them a good home! :D
A lovely selection. Love the rubellite, the iolite/amethyst ring and trillion cut fire opal best. Enjoying wearing them xx
What a lovely collection you have Glitzy. I especially like your Rubellite, Sphene and MJO. I don't have a Fire Opal; I think I should go and have a closer look at them after such a good review!

I never even thought of buying an Opal because of the bad luck associated with it. I've come to the conclusion lately that it's a bunch of tosh too. I think I'll go with the Romans viewpoint that it was considered a good luck charm. Here's an interesting link on the history of the Opal and its superstitions if anyone's interested.

Just feed your family lots of beans Glitzy. They're cheap and very nutritious I understand! lol
lovely selection of stuff Glitzy - well done on securing some nice items. I'm sure your family really don't mind eating less, esp with the hot weather 'n' all lol

think my faves are the rubellite and the trilliant fire opal. I love sunset colours so I bet the opals look gorgeous close up. Enjoy wearing your goodies.

I've saved a seat for you on the wagon, fluffy cushion at the ready :D

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