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Jun 26, 2008
Thought I'd show off some of my latest items. I've given up saying I'm not going to buy anymore.

I absolutely love this ring, not to everyones taste as I know it's quite big but I adore the colour, and for certain occasions I'm a big rocks girl.:) I bought it from the shop, but it was only 20.00 more than I saw it go for on the tv and as it went quite quickly on the first price crash, I was happy with that as I may have otherwise missed out.

From the huge to the small but again I adore this ring. It really stands out even though it's a fairly small diamond .

Another big rock, but I love the colour. I know we have had a bit of an over kill of topaz, but I saw some blue topaz in a high street jewellerthe other day, the price was mega for a very small stone, so I was impressed with the size of some of the gems blue topaz for the price. I have a matching pendant too.

Really like this stone too, lots of fire.

Again, love this stone such a pretty colour.

Didn't think I would go for this one as it is a bit fluffy, bought it on a bit of a whim, but when it came it is actualy really pretty in real life so I kept it too.:D
well I had to complete my topaz colours.

I am waiting for a white gold and diamond band to come on wednesday to wear with my blue diamond.
I absolutely adore every single one of those Glitzy! (At least, if they were all in white metals I would!)

Very hard to pick a favourite, though the pink topaz is probably the one I'd be most likely to choose for myself.

Loving your taste!

Enjoy those babies, they're belters, every one!
Loving your work, Glitzy :) I take back all I said about topaz being boring...the designs are really unusual and pretty. My favorite has to be the amethyst, though.
Lovely things Glitzy, isn't it amazing the range of colours that topaz comes in?

I like the blue diamond best though, such a distinctive & beautiful colour.
Gorgeous Amethyst colour there, the Uruguayan stuff has great depth of colour! Love the Blue Diamond and your other blue gems too! Enjoy wearing them.
lovely collection there i saw the brazilian topaz ring on the tv and was VERY tempted but alas the bank balance said NO:mad:, what is it like irl? also love the blue diamond enjoy wearing them:D
What stunners Glitzy, the amethyst is a really belter. Lovely selection, well done
Lovely rings, Glitzy. I particularly love the Uruguayan amethyst and I am really miffed that I missed the pink topaz - I'm just not watching often enough these days. :)
Well done Glitzy, you have chosen well, some gorgeous colours in there. The Uruguayan Amethyst looks a real thoroughbred and a huge stone stone as well. I would be very happy to take that off your hands.

All the others are very pretty also in their lovely settings. I can vouch for the Blue Diamond being a lovely colour having seen it irl. My won't know what to wear first!! :D
WOW WOW WOW!! I love them all Glitzy. If I had to pick a favourite then obviously the Blue Diamond is special but I also love the design of the Ratanakiri - oops that's 2 favs - oh heck I love them all! Well Done!
lovely collection there i saw the brazilian topaz ring on the tv and was VERY tempted but alas the bank balance said NO:mad:, what is it like irl? also love the blue diamond enjoy wearing them:D

First thank you to everyone for your lovely comments.:)
And rebeccab to answer your question above, I think the Brazillian pink topaz is lovely, very delicate and sparkly. This particular ring design I thought might be a bit ornate, but we went out for a meal on Saturday night and I wore a pale pink floral chiffon dress and the colour and design I felt suited it perfectly so I am very happy with it, both the stone and the design.
well done on your choices there Glitzy - you've got rings for all seasons and outfits there.

my fave is the amethyst stonker. lovely classic blue diamond solitaire - I have one too slightly larger and a firm favourite. it will never date.

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