my first order!


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Jun 25, 2008
south coast of the uk
yey Im very pleased...ok so I can only get the lower priced items but what I did get Im very pleased with, very nice quality and great looking designs and even the boxes are nice and modern looking, pleased with the large book that came free too that was a nice surprise! sorry cant put on pics but got the garnet and silver gents ring ( see the other thread) and some cufflinks and a white zircon ring for myself! :)

I shall be keeping my eye out for more shiney things soon! :)
It doesn't matter how cheap they are what matters is how much you like them.

I never got a book with my first order :( you need a book?

I have a spare if you want it....let me know:)

Glad your pleased with your order matter what the cost if you like it that's all that matters.:)
Glad you are pleased CP :) Its does not matter how much you paid as long as you love it. I have had real cheap (bargains) from rocks and I love them.

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