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Aug 12, 2008
Well I'm going to give this image thing a whirl! I'll probably get it wrong. I used to be a ST member here many moons ago - before the great crash, I've been looking in but have only just re-joined. I decided to try rockstv because of the good reviews posted on here.

I received my first rocks delivery today (I should have got it yesterday - a very long story involving a wrong address, climbs up scaffolding and scuffles with builders - I won't go into it, but thanks go to Sherridan for her encouragement!)

Anyhow, I'm extremely pleased with my goodies, plus the packaging is lovely, the little credit cards are super and i'm currently dipping into the free book.

My mini-haul included:-
A mystic topaz ring in white gold - I've never bought mystic topaz before, but I'm loving the harlequin-like colours.

A rose gold ring with teeny-weeny but sparkly diamonds - got this to go with my rose gold claddagh ring.

A black onyx and marcasite silver necklace - I love this. The marcasite catches the light beautifully. It is a substantial size and has a good clasp.

Well let's see if this works...



Oooooo I think I was there when you got the rose gold & diamond ring
Lovely mystic bit too
& the necklace - what necklace? sorry I cant see it. Not! I bet that is well lush in real life with the sperkly bits too
:welcome: marmalade

I love your necklace - I bought a couple of marcasite rings from Rocks and they really do sparkle - I'll need to keep a look-out for this piece to add to my ever growing collection.

Thanks for posting your pictures :daisy:
Thanks Pepsidoodle and Anne C - I'd forgotten to mention the diamond accents in the gallery, doh!

Well I think I might just be hooked! My bank balance is doomed, doomed I tell ye! :D
Hi and welcome Marmalade!

Thought I would just say how much I like your first delivery items! I saw the necklace and it would just go with a black and white dress I have!:) so I am very jealous! Like the mystic topaz ring think they do this in yellow gold too, so will be on the prowl again soon!! Well done on your purchases :D
I only found Rocks TV a couple of days ago and got my first order today. Wow! Very impressed - got a Mookite and coral pendant and an amethyst pendant and they are fabulous. Very good quality and I love the packaging. The book is amazing! Also placed an order for a garnet pendant last night and hope to get that tomorrow. Oh dear my poor credit card!!!!!:D
Thanks everyone :), I'm going to keep my eye out for more marcasite or maybe a mystic topaz bracelet.

Nanpam - I wear a lot of black and white, so I reckon I'll probably be wearing the necklace a fair bit :mad:. I missed out on a nice white jade necklace last night, nevermind!

Tigger - I know how you feel, poor, poor credit card *gives it a little rub*
Hi Marmalade. Great to have you here. Those are lovely pieces- that necklace is a stunner!!
Lovely pieces Marmalade! I am nuts about rose gold, so I particularly like your rose gold & diamond ring, and the marcasite necklace is a stunner - I always think you get a lot of bang for your buck with marcasite.

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