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Well, you think you know someone after 31 years, then they go and surprise you! As some of you know, I've been curbing my spending on Rocks lately, waiting for the new goodies to arrive.

That naughty BH has been doing her best to tempt me, but I've resisted!! She was particularly bad recently requesting the marcasite cuff, and I still resisted. I mentioned to Mr Mad when it was on, and showed him.

Totally out of character, he checked the auction schedules, and noticed it was on one day, then swooped in and got it. It was delivered while I was at work, and surprised me with it!!!

:33: You don't think he's been up to something do you :yikes: Oh well who cares, I've got my gorgeous bracelet now, so not me:laugh:



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The cheeky devil ;).

Are you sure he's not ordered himself a drumset and is placating you? :D :jump:

't is gorgeous and what a sweet thing to do!
Its nice to be spoiled now and again.

Lovely bracelet,

i wish you well to wear it Mad4gems

What can I say m4g lol You still need to thank me - if I hadn't requested the bracelet mr m4g would have never got it for you lol

It looks stunning on you now do I need/want one :33:
Lol M4G - I saw BH do that to you - bet you're glad she did now and set your clever OH on the path to a nice suprise for you. Enjoy - it looks lovely on you.

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