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Someone at work will be retiring at the end of this year and I will be the one making the collection and buying her retirement gift. She was raving about this necklace after seeing it on a show a few weeks ago and I'm thinking this could be her gift. Has anyone actually got it and can you tell me what it's like irl please?? MTIA. :) :pPC:
OMG @ the price!!!

It is a gorgeous necklace though, and I would love to have it!!!
Hi, i dont have this necklace, but i love murano glass jewellery! :D

I have many heart necklaces from a shop near me called Artico. Each necklace was £25, so the QVC one looks good. I think i have every colour possible and i love them! I've also bought a few pieces from John Lewis in store and there are lots of sites selling them on the web.

I've had lots of comments as the colours are so bold and striking. I'd highly recommend the range!:D
she's optimistic isn't she ? £220 :cool:
There are about 80 staff in total MrsJ and even though the teachers are a bunch of tightwads (sorry but it's true) :D I think I'll be able to reach half that amount from just us support staff. :pPC:
I'm not going to be much help to you either but it would be worth while retiring to get a necklace like that.
Hi PPC, I have a Murano glass bracelet bought just over a year ago from QVC unfortunatly no longer shown, otherwise I would post a link, it's really pretty, seeing on the screen does not do it justice, as all the glass pieces are very different. The bracelet was about £60 so the necklace seems about the right price. Hope this helps.........
I did Anne, she doesn't retire until Christmas so there's plenty of time. :pPC:
I love Murano glass also, that necklace looks amazing PPC:),
I have pendants of various colours that hang from silk chords.
I always get admiring comments when i wear them.

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