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Aug 5, 2008
The land of mustard, lotus and Bernand Mattrews
This thread does exactly what it says on the title. :) Which QVC purchase have you brought and never stopped using and what have you brought and then just stuck in a drawer.

My most used would have to be a butler and wilson dragon skirt and my honora pearl leather bangle. I go to the supermarket in my blingy skirt and blind people. :21:

My least used would have to be a Butler and Wilson pink clutch bag or a pair of Kim and Co wedges that came with a large beach bag. The Butler and Wilson bag is very pretty but I only brought if because I was a Bridemaid to my friend a Bridezilla and she wanted everyone to have pink bags and shoes to match the pink dresses we were to wear on the day. I don't really like pink apart from my pink and black striped tights.
Most used: a pair of Julia Roberts crystal earrings - wear them all the time.

Least used: a shower thingy which was supposed to make the shower into a full body shower - with our water pressure if you turn it on then the water stops coming out of the shower head so you get one or the other which is crap.

Good thread.:1:
Most used-my tefal pans bought 6 years ago and george forman grill which I love.

Least used (except as a clothes airer lol!) a cross trainer.Total waste of money-even my very fit 18 year old daughter says it's incredibly difficult to use.
yeah - good thread:

most used: Telesteps I bought for my husband (uses them every day for his work)
least used: Models Prefer make up....Kim & Co top....markon boots....but top of the least used list has to be a pair of shoe spikes
Ooh, nice idea for a thread

Most used for me are my Silver/Marcasite set of 3 band rings - wear them daily and they're still so beautiful after years of wear and tear. Also my Centigrade funnel neck coat which will be getting another hammering this winter.

Least used is my ION turntable for converting my LPs to MP3, I've never been able to get it to work and should have sent it back, don't know whether its just me being thick or whether it is faulty.
Most used items is a Chrome shower head(australian I think) it's used at least twice every day and an Amethyst ring which I never take off.

Least used is a skirt by Kim&Co which I have only worn once but keep to remind myself not to impulse buy again.
Least used must surely be a magnifying light headband that went to the charity shop still in the box and never used.

Most used must be the Zilo stainless steel smell killer thingys. Just searched down something similar for my sister-in-law who loves mine.
molly......the zilo are sold by dunelm for 50p [ without a name ].....found out after i had forked out a small fortune for the brand name
my most used is a induction hob........we paid much more than the recent TSV......
my least ........a cross trainer like someone else...
Fab thread!

Most Used: black birkenstocks from the Warrington Outlet in 2002 for £5 (worn as shoes and now slippers)

Least Used: pink patterned Kipling beach bag and flipflop set bought as a TSV. I've never used it ( too small for the beach) but I can't bear to sell it as the monkey is called Julie!
I thought my most used was a piece of jewellery until I read Miss QVC's post and realised it's a pair of Birkenstock's from Last Clicks that I wear every day, though just in the house now in this weather!

I found a couple of Gatineau items when I was doing a clear out and they'd probably been used once before getting shoved to the back of my drawer. As I reckoned they'd been opened for almost three years I threw them out.
Most used - my Thomas Pacconi jewellery chest. Gorgeous and really useful too, it still looks great after a good few years now. Cost me the princely sum of £9.99 (brand new) from the Shrewsbury outlet back in the early days when it had some decent bargains.

Wonder why they don't sell the Thomas Pacconi furniture anymore... :confused: :(

Least used - that chopper grater thingy (sort of like a Japanese mandolin)... **** me that thing was bleeding lethal, even using the guide! After a couple of injuries on it I finally beat it to death on the garden furniture with a hammer after one particularly nasty slice. Still at least this means it's not gathering dust in the cupboard like my breadmaker lol
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Most used Tefal and the other pans they sell - Tefal steamer (been replaced a few times).

Least used nearly all the cosmetic stuff and hair stuff except Aveda.

Most used is a Table Mate (that was prob my first purchase) - gets used every single day, still.

Least used probably some beauty products oh and some early space saver bags, which reinflated themselves. :lol
Most used is definitely my various lock and locks,and stylees,I wear them everyday for work, Drylastic boots...fabulous purchase, I bought all three colours..... least used the various skin products I've tried and tested then chucked in the drawer 'cause they're no good! yoghurt maker, waffle maker..all gathering dust at the moment!
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Most used : Microfibre skin peeling cloths

Least used : Overpriced Wallpaper Paste, also know an Genie Eye Lift thingy, ****** cobblers it was, how they have the nerve to sell this rubbish !!!
Hi..this is my first post.

My most used items: A kipling bag which accompanies me daily, and a diamonique ring that I wear all the time.

My least used item: The Brenda Dygraf Air Climber Stepper, because I do enough exercise at work. :11:
Most used: Markon boots, Northern Nights bedding (can't be without and I iron it), honora jewellery (on rota)

Least used...well except for stroking and storing...craft stuff! and I vaguely remember getting a bag sealer, which I had fun testing and then it descended into the void of the gadget cupboard and only seems to pop up when the OH is looking for something...and commands the you use this. Of course says me....Puzzled Reply. What for????? Followed by my slightly embarrassed....oh just leave it alone and carry on looking for what you wanted. Do you thinik he realises my kitchen gadget collection is as excessive as his power tool collection!!!!
most used would have to be my Birkenstocks which i wear every day at some point.
least used is the Philosophy candy cane set which stung my skin when i first used it so son uses the SG now and the body mousse went in the bin. :(
Most used cooks knife and L+L
Least used mini dv every time i think to use it the battery is flat.

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