Does anyone else really like this?


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Well it's certainly unusual! I must admit it took me a few minutes to realise it was a frog!

No you aren't wrong in the head Miss M - each to their own I say lol! How does the saying go - one man's medicine is another man's poison :giggle:

If you like it then go for it.
Not sure I would actually buy it - it wouldn't go with my style. But I do think it's cute, and I like the idea of the frog clambering over rocks... Yes, I'm wrong in the head.
I saw it was a frog straight away, but personally I think it's tacky. Looks like costume jewellery.
I'm almost thinking I might just have to buy froggy now, just because everyone's ganging up on him! Maybe if he ends up in clearance...

(Yes, I've officially lost it now... if you find any marbles rolling around on the floor, they're mine.)
*helping to pick up your marbles*

Have you switched your medication Miss M? Normally such a woman of good taste!

Sorry - another vote to frog off!
It's weird but strangely appealing Miss Magpie. :33: Now if they did something like it with a diamond puss with balls of wool in coloured gemstones I'd deffo buy it. Tbh I don't think I could wear an amphibian and the eyes do look a bit creepy.....:YIKES: :pPC:
You'd be better off paying £40 for a Butler & Wilson duck or owl or skull. Sorry, I think it's horrid, and way too much money when you could buy something equally quirky for a costume jewellery price.

Sorry, Miss Marble.
i quite like it as it is unusual but i think it would have been better with less stones in it or even just one or two varieties as it is it looks a tad on 'by the till in H&M' side. as for the price, well, kemit can go take a running leap lol

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