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Thanks for the link. Had a good laugh. It must be hard to demonstrate kitchen gadgets live. I couldn't do it anyway!
lol he trys to justify it falling,by saying you got the money back guarantee, gosh can you imagine how long that would take to refund.
What's the betting the next time you see it, it will have cleverly disguised gaffa tape all around the handle bit?
nice one lol!!

Loved seeing the pineapple thing going wrong. didn't look very stable did it?
Blinking over-priced gadget you'd only buy for Margot's who've got everything in any case!

Er, I got mine from a certain shop, it's brilliant, lol, And my top does not come off :giggle: They DO work brilliantly. Needless to say, I am a sucker for kitchen gadgets !
If you go on watching the pineapple one, after the picture has faded and it's fairly dark, Nigel continues to wiggle it and pull it off again. Either his wiggling technique is dodgy or the item is. ;)

It seems a lot of faddling about for a pineapple, unless you buy them frequently.
One for Anna

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