More goodies including my Xmas present!!


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Beading Belle

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Jun 24, 2008
This is my christmas haul with my Xmas present from my two lovely children and OH. As usual all stunning just one amber ring gone back for replacement as it was clear without the bits in it!

More to follow :1:
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Finally managed to get another pendant so I can convert the pendant to earrings. Thanks to Haydn xx
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Lovely pieces BH, Love your mystic blue items:1: I must ask, what is the ring on your "ring finger"? PP style ring?
Now my Xmas present. The emerald ring from the kids (it is a size O - not N) so a bit big but love it so might keep it and the necklace and bracelet from OH. The set is Stunning!!
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Wow!! Fab haul!..Did you know where to start when that lot arrived? lol. Lovely items tho hun, love your set, is one i own also:1:
wow BH i love all them and one of those rings looks like it was from another channel and was a very popular design

Lovely pieces BH, Love your mystic blue items:1: I must ask, what is the ring on your "ring finger"? PP style ring?

It is iolite that I bought from India and had it made in pp style in 18ct YG. Could have got away by saying it was a AAA Tanzy!!:1:
Its gorgeous! Funnily enough an Iolite ring i own was guessed as being high end Tanzy when spotted by a forum member when i posted up "box pics", some can be really great quality.
That is my imitation AAA Tanzy :1: Got it for a great bargain price too. Could not believe how cheap iolite is in India!
Wow bh, how lovely!
A few of those have been nearly in my basket - especially that turquoise necklace, if I'd had an open basket it would have been mine! Would you believe that I bought the very next item - I was kicking myself lol. I think it was your mystic blue ring there, will be getting it soon!
Really love the huge marquises, they've been tempting me too - esp the green amethyst one.
Nearly had that big shell one too - but now I've seen your pic I think it's too wide for me, so glad I didn't, though it looks fab on you.
I'm thinking I might need that Sarah Bennett blue topaz as well now lol
Other than that, loving your prezzies, wish someone would be that nice to me!
Enjoy them all hun,
WOW, another stunning haul BH. You had me fooled, I thought your Iolite was your much lusted after Tanzy!!! You're going to have to move house soon, the bling must be taking over!!!

:40:bargainhunter - fantastic taste, some truly stunning rings you have there, must be xmas come early opening youre ROCKS sack!

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