Mintabie earrings... a keeper?


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Once again Suzy, a quick reminder that me know nuffink, so just an amateur opinon. They look like very fair value, and decent size opals. I don't know if you have any experience of these particular opals but they do give lovely colour/light flashes.

I'm unable to wear earrings myself, but based solely on their appearance I think they look good. xx
hi, yes i have some in a pendant, i do love the flashes, im in a rite mess, i seen so many now i like, i dont know what to keep n waht not too, i binned sumthing earlier i wish i hadnt, i dont kow if theyd give it me again at ultra clearance. i know the rings in stock cos its on web at normal price.
They are really pretty,elegant earrings Suzy:)

If you get good flashes of colour,and you have to see opals in the flesh,then they look a goood price to me.

And........keep posting away on here too,we all like to dribble over each others blingy buys!!:D
The pendant's beautiful and those earrings should go very well.

I find Morganite can be a bit hit and miss colourwise. It often virtually has none, but sometimes is quite good. It always twinkles though. xx
Suzy - if the price point is what you like then the advice you'll always get here is to get it home for a look. THEN post up real life piccies and we'll be able to give you an honest opinion. The problem is (with all the tv jewellery channels) that the photos bear little resemblance to what you'll get!!! With Mintabie Opals you can strike lucky and get some wowza gems. Other times, the opals are flat with no colour play.

Before this site went down about a year ago or so, there were tons of photos that we'd all shared when Gems started selling their Mintabies. What we found is that we had to buy tons until we found "the one". Here's some that I kept - I also sent a whole mine's worth back! :grin: In the middle photo, the top two smaller rings were sent back.


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Morganite can be pink, baby pink, like a Kunzite pink or it can be a peach. Unfortunately, you can see some that are also nearly colourless (yuck). For me, although I love the look of the peach coloured Morganite it can be flesh coloured and disappears on my skin.
I saw that morganite ring go to air Suzy and I thought it was very pretty.I have a morganite ring already so couldn't justify getting another,and again another decent price as there are quite a few diamond accent stones.:up2:

Those earrings you have nabbed will look fab with your've done quite well I would say :cool2:
yes, ive done returns but lately am more hesitant cos last time it was nearly 3 weeks before i got a refund..

would i be looking for a more pink in morganite once its with me? the dia cart weight seems good though.

i cant see any way of uploading pics, maybe have to b vip?
Sadly I for one can't afford to leave funds tied up at Gems, and I daren't use a credit card, and this can be a real pain. I'd look at a lot more than I do if I could manage it, and then I've got the problem of having to ask someone to queue up in the post office for me (a couple of miles away and always packed - so not a light ask). Everything I finally order is thus with the full intention of making the purchase, a bit restrictive and is why the reduction of a week's basket to 2 days is a particular loss for me. xxx
YES i agree, and the wait time for a refund has got ridiculous..

and the lack of details on the tv is even more annoying.. i could decide much faster if all full details were on the telly.

and some of the lines used could be a litlle more thought through, such as for example : how hard it is to find/mine a pink diamond..

they are coloured not 'found' or mined pink (least not the ones on gems) that kind of line is a little misleading in my own opinion.

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