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Jun 24, 2008
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:tongue Waits for everyone to jump on her .....

.... I've only recently started buying jewellery really - had a few precious pieces already in my collection but this is a new adventure for me - I've so far bought mainly pendants/necklaces from Rocks, as I have very slim fingers/wrists, so everything else would have to resized - so I would have to fall totally in love with a ring or bracelet for myself.

I know the reasoning behind the pendants not coming with a chain is along the lines of - you probably already have zillions in your collection, you might prefer another one to the one given (if they gave one with it), or you may want to put it on a cord/scarf/rope/whatever - but this morning I have received a pendant, with the tag stuck on the bale and have tried to thread various chains through it, for ages, arggghhhh, and I've got nowhere - some really fine chains.

There must be other people out there who don't have a vast collection of jewellery chains, such as me - what would be most helpful to me (and hopefully maybe others) is if it did come with a chain (could be the finest, most inexpensive one possible) - so that the pendant can be tried on and evaluated, on the skin - which would give a clear idea of how it looks - then another chain/cord whatever could be bought, if we preferred.

I'm now in a quandary over this pendant, as I'm not 100%, so I think it will have to go back, as I cannot properly see what it looks like on!

Anyone else got any opinions? (and don't shoot me - please - I want to live a bit longer yet!)

As always I've rambled on (I don't know any other way! :lol)
Stupid suggestion Sara but could you just try a piece of thread through it?

I'll get me coat!
Sara, contact Tony at Rocks. I had a vaguely similar problem with an amethyst pendant (couldn't get it to sit straight) and emailed Tony, who soon sorted it out for me.
Don't forget you can get very inexpensive chains/cords from their sister channel Coloured Rocks and combine it with your order for one p&p.
To be honest, selling via the auction format means that any extras on the pendant like a chain are just extra costs to the company - I doubt anyone bids any higher because a pendant has a chain.
I have all sympathy with you being unable to try your pendant on though - but I'd have thought a call/email to CS to tell them would almost certainly result in permission to remove the tag. Give it a go anyway, fingers crossed!
:) Can i just say loads of stuff ive had did not have tags on.
so i would take it off in order to try it on .
i did ask about this tag business a while ago and they said somethings have them and some dont and its not a problem.
I do know where you are coming from, it can be very difficult to tell if a pendant is ok if you don't have a spare chain or one that suits it.

I have had both a ring and a pendant that have had no tag on but two other pendants and a watch all did.
The chains from their sister site are really inexpensive, and I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with their quality, bought a garnet pendant so added an 18" silver Prince of Wales chain for on £3 - it's really substantial too. As the others have said, they have ribbons in all colours, and leather cords and such reasonable prices.

I know what you mean Sara. I've just had delivery of a pendant and the tag is so thick it takes up most of the bale, so it's impossible to thread anything through except a piece of cotton! I'm taking off my tag and hoping for the best! Hope Tony can sort you out. Good Luck.
I understand what you're saying Sara but rather than fiddle with a fine chain, possibly tangle it or break it, a thread or fine piece of wire could be used to see how the pendant sits. I have a reel of fine copper wire for such times (costing not much more than a chain), with the ends hooked over so I can look at the item on my neck and unhook it in an instant without fouling a fine chain - as happens when I'm in a rush, irritated or fumbling!

Steve's margins are so small that adding small chains with each order, given the cost of gold and silver, would sadly cut into his already compromised profit margins!
Hi everyone, I hope you are all well!

We'll soon be adding a function to the website that will let you add chains and gift packaging in the basket on

In the meantime, if you order them from Coloured Rocks and let us know we will combine them with your order and just charge one P&P.

Hope that helps,

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions :biggrin

Look forward to that facility John on - I shall definitely use it, as a newbie jewellery buyer (without too many items - though my collection is growing at an alarming rate! :surprised)

(Problem was the combo of the security tag and trying to get a chain through the bale because of it.)
Wire is a good idea though Sammi!
Have you managed to try the pendant on yet Sara? I'm looking forward to hearing if it sits well and you like it. Remember to post a photo...we love pics of sparklies!!! :)
hope you solve your problem Sara and I look forward to seeing your baubles :D

those security tags are pesky arent they! if you pull them, they do stretch and make things slightly easier lol

glad to hear you're becoming addicted to jewels. it's great innit :D

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