Miche bags have dissappeared....Nooooo!


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Jun 24, 2008
I did end up ordering a Miche bag from Best Direct...and I'm really glad I did. It's a beautifully made bag, and looks really smart. I'm none so keen on the ginger shell that came with it, and how I wish I'd ordered a couple of extra shells that they had on offer at the time...only I couldn't really afford it at the time..and now the bag and the shells have disappeared from the website altogether:( They're still widely available on Ebay, but most of the designs I really like have lots of bids on them, meaning if I really did want one, I'd probably end up paying over the odds. There are quite a few on buy it it now, but they're fairly pricey meaning I could only buy one at a time, wheras Best Direct were doing a buy two get one free offer which would have been brilliant.

I can't find the bag on Qvc,although the link someone posted in an earlier thread works, but thats for the bag, not just the shells. I wonder why Best Direct have got rid of this? I did wonder why they were going at half price.

As I said the bag's really well constructed, and the only gripe I have is that the long handles that come with it HAVE to be used separately from the short handles, I would have preferred it if there was a couple of extra clips so you could wear both sets of handles at the same time.

Does any one else know a place to get the shells that isn't Ebay? I've searched the net, and all links seem to lead to Ebay. I'm wondering if the company has stopped manufacturing them for some reason.
I've just emailed BD to see what's going on with Miche bags. Will let you know as soon (if) I hear anything back.

Why thank you very much, tbh I saw the bagalicious site and didn't even bother 'cause it had a dot.com address, and I immediately presumed it was an American site. Had a look..P&P's a bit pricey but they've got a really wide choice of shells. When I get paid I think I shall be investing. Thanks again!

Monkey Shirley, unfortunately has a very limited choice but still an option...yay!
Best Direct Reply

... and this is what they said.

"Thank you for your email. I am afraid we have stopped selling this and will not be stocking it in future. QVC are due to sell this in the future I believe


Best Direct"

Oh well, no more half price Miche then!

Very quick response, well done BD.
You did well to get one then at 1/2 price. Keep looking on ebay, sometimes some people put them on cheaper. The least I've paid is £6.00 for a shell.

Yes Ann, I feel quite fortnuate - I'm usually the one who gets there just too late.

A search on QVC now brings up their Miche offering, along with a lot of Ms Hope.

I was getting a bit worried that the company might have packed up altogether and all the shells on e-bay would go for silly money. I'm so quick to panic :1:
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I work for Selkin the UK provider of Miche Bags, visit www.selkin.co.uk to see a whole range of Miche bags and shells, we will be getting around 30 new shells the first week of June and often have great offers and promotions on! Visit our shows to get a miche bag and 2 Shells for around £30!

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