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Hi all,

I know some of you are like me in that you want to have items to match your bling. And then again some of you are very eclectic in mixing and matching, it's all good :lol1:.

I would like to find something to match this, earrings, but something modest, as that necklace is clearly the star of the show.


Btw. it's not a terrific shot,the bottom citrine is almost a peridot in colour IRL and when I wear it with clothing in shades of green, it just pops, I can't stop admiring it. Anyway suggestions welcome!

And how do you wear your bling? Mix and match or eclectic?
Maz i'm sure I have seen some lovely Lemon Quartz earrings on Rocks, not huge things either. Oh bugger I cannot remember if it was there or not ggrrr

Yes i'm sure it was, keep a lookout :1:

edit just looked, they are in yellow gold so no good.
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Hi Marion

I've just taken delivery of that necklace too - its a cracker isn't it!

To be honest I've not found a perfect match either but have worn some plain smokey quartz studs with mine and left and dress rings well alone - sticking just with my normal everyday rings. Mind you I am after a large smokey quartz ring that I'm hoping will be a match for the necklace!
I do like that Marion, have been hovering over buy on it a few times!
Not sure exactly what you're after - earrings, rings, bracelets? Coz I think there is a perfectly matching bracelet on Rocks.
For myself, I do mix'n'don't match usually, only on very special occasions or when the planets are in the correct mystical alignment do I co-ordinate my bling!!!
Hi Marion

I love your necklace. I'd pick out one of the colours in a stud design. As your eye is drawn to the pear cut Citine in the centre, I'd look for some pear cut studs in either citrine or peridot (as you said it had the look of a Peridot).

Sorry, that doesn't help much as I can't find any to show you atm, but I'll keep looking! M xx
Thank you!

D'oh I'm a fool! Didn't read your post properly, sorry!!!
don't worry I do that all the time

Nice earrings Darls, would be a possiblility, but also love the idea of pearshaped peridot or citrine studs Melusina :thumbsup:. And smokey quartz studs, I think I might have to put those on my wishlist as well Debs!

I knew I could count on you ladies!

Anne, just get it, you'll LOVE it :wink1:.
Anne as for coordinating my bling, if I don't I go all funny :rofl::blush:.
I have to match, it's a compulsion :lol1:. (is that even a word?)
there's matching bracelet for the necklace on rocks:

Would choose these for earrings coz colour would compliment each other with the centre citrine, noticable, but simple design which would help the whole set of colouring but still set the necklace as the star of the show:

And it's matching ring, for the same reason:

Would wear sth light, pale but defo not sth dark with this set...

Opinions from me only :9: everybody have different preferences...
Love those earrings! Nice idea Alupha, will keep an eye out for them, thanks :thumbsup:.
I like the bracelet too, but for me it would be too much of a good thing, to wear both......but that's just me.

So am I the only one who has this need to match, ladies? Surely not? :lol1:

That's a beautiful necklace Marion, but I would just wear some plain, modern silver earrings with it and allow it to steal the show, as it clearly deserves centre stage.
There aren't any earring to match but there's a bracelet that does on CR site. I agree, I'd wear just plain silver earrings with that necklace.

I don't like actual matching sets, but I like stuff to co-ordinate!
Yes, that's what I meant, coordinating. I did think it sounded odd when I wrote 'matching' :lol1:.

I agree with you though and that's what I initially wrote too, that I want something modest, but am sooooo tempted to have some peridot with it.

Maybe small and pear shaped and those hedgie earrings to go with something else.

Love those, saw those in garnet when I met Sam and Mad and they are so much nicer than I anticipated!
(the earrings I mean :54::33: ;). Kidding! :10:).

I have a refund to spend :jump:and am on the wagon after that :(.
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Those hedgehog earrings are surprisingly large actually, I have the peridot, amethyst and SQ versions myself. I find them a little bit heavy. (personally, I would say they were 'too much' with that necklace)
Yeah right.......:21::54: lol!



Pssssst P.A.L. No, I wouldn't wear them with that necklace I don't think, but I have a green fettish, and a pearl and a.....bling fettish in short :lol1:.
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Lovely necklace Marion, you have great taste! I own the necklace too, and the matching bracelet. Earring wise i have a few pairs of bezel set studs, that i mix and match depending what colour i'm wearing that day.
Aw, thanks Tabs, so do you, I love your Tookalon pieces! :thumbsup:

Been looking for some bezel set earrings too, but not found anything that jumped out at me, will keep at it though, am watching a couple of things on Fleabay.
I know its a long shot Marion but if you can get any Tookalon cufflinks at a great price they would make nice chunky earrings if you can get a post put on some.

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