Markon water-resistant boots vs. Matalan cork boots


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Nov 2, 2008
Hello everyone , just saw the Markon Comfort Fit Water Resistant Suede Boots on QVC and thought to myself I better get a pair since we have been having a few leaks in the house and sometimes the pans we use to collect the rainwater overflow and we all end up wading through soggy carpets and the like.
I also thought they looked super fashionable , I'm sure I saw similar things in the Matalan catalogue , so I got myself up to my local Matalan to take a gander since they only wanted a fiver , but when I checked the sole of them , it said the body was made from acrylic and the heels themselves were made from painted cork , my hubby pointed out that the acrylic being the stuff they use in the nail shops , it will probably be hard and resistant to water , why pay another tenner he says if this does the same thing , he also said the cork heels might be good for floating on the water , so I bought them and my hubby overfilled the dishwasher with clothes washing powder so it leaked suds everywhere to test out my new shoes , but as soon as I stepped on the water , the cork started to suck up the water like a sponge and they disintegrated and I ended up having a nasty fall as the heels gave in.

So anyway my hubby says I might be getting the Markon's from QVC for xmas , dead fancy they are , Suede and all that.

I overheard a lady at my local BeWise where I was buying the 3 for 2 on all one pound camis saying that the person who makes the purchasing decisions on clothes for BeWise might be designing for Chanel's next collection.
Fancy that! My BeWise camis will be the same as the ones sold by that posh place , and I only paid two quid for the lot of them!

If anyone gets the Markon's let me know how water resistant they are. :59:

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