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just returned a marcasite watch to price drop ,it was the biggest piece of junk i have ever bought the strap which was stainless steel was in 14 sections of which only four 2 each side of the watch actually had marcasite in, the other 10 they had put blobs of steel to make it look like a gem, the marcasites that were in the strap was of such poor quality that they looked like shiny pieces of coal so be warned peeps I know it wasnt a dear watch but thats beside the point you should want to wear it and i wouldnt have been seen dead in it.Price drop are not doing themselves any favours by sending out items like this.they did agree to refunding all my postage and money spent on watch ,emailed me today to say had done refund but they hadnt included the return postage aparrently that is done by a seperate department wonder if i would have got it if i had not rung again
I got the same watch and bracelet set and sent it straight back too. What a piece of junk! I was horrified when I opened the box. I could not believe they would send that old tat out to anyone. I think they had a nerve charging money for it because if I had known it was that bad, they could not have paid me to take it! I too demanded a full refund. In addition to the things you noted, mine had missing 'marcasites' and really poor workmanship. I was very scathing in my comments.

I got an email acknowledgment of return yesterday but no news yet re refund (apart for the usual 'we are processing your refund').
i am glad it wasnt just me then i hate complaining but if it is wrong then you just have to do it ,what gets me is they just dont care the (i am sorry that you are not happy is so false)now if someone phone me and it was my product and said it was the biggest piece of crap they had ever bought i would want to see for myself so that sort of stuff didnt go out again but i bet their still selling these
Just to let you know, I got a full refund (cost and postage) and I got my return postage refunded too. I used to buy loads of stuff from Price Drop and Bid TV (perfume, bed linen, pots and pans, cutlery, etc but mainly gold jewellery) but not any more. Not only have their prices increased to a ridiculous degree but the quality of their goods have gone right downhill. I will never buy jewellery (in particular) from them again.

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