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Jun 24, 2008
I think there was a thread on Mally Beauty before we lost all the data. I've noticed there's a show next Tuesday evening at 8pm.

What do you think of Mally? Have you used it? Some of the reviews aren't great for certain products.

I'm looking at the foundation & concealer kit but don't know whether to go for fair or light (in the foundation) & fair or light/med in the concealer kit.
The video doesn't help much as she says Alison Young has the medium foundation on (can't be true!).

I'm normally fairly light (light in the summer) for Bare Escentuals if that helps..

I was also looking at the city eye palette and the shaped eyeliner.

All thoughts/comments gratefully received.

Twinklette x :)
Sorry - I thought it was terrible - esp since it was quite expensive, I was expecting so much more and was very disappointed.
Fortunately it arrived damaged and the case it was in was torn so I was able to get a full refund - it would have gone back anyway!
IMHO QVC sell much better lines in make up.
I was really impressed on her last visit and tried to order the cheek kit but after reading the reviews of her products i was pleased i did not part with my money:D Don't get sucked in with the hype, She said live on air that you 'look like you have just had sex' after using one of her products and that was in the afternoon :rolleyes::D
I went for the eye brightener and it is great, gives my eyes a wide awake look instead of dark shadows.

The shaped eyeliner is my favourite, I could never get the 'flick' but with this I have no fuss or hassle to get it. I will be buying more of these!
Thanks for your advice all! I think I might go for the shaped eyeliner & the eyebrightener as they seem like the 'signature' products.

Think you're right about the hype so I'll try not to get carried away with it if I watch the show!

Twinklette x

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