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Lulu and AY are getting on my nerves going on and on and on about Lulus 60th Birthday Party and all the name dropping who was there - I wish they would just shut up and get on with trying to sell the products.:SCREAM:
has lulu been under the knife? i ask because i know lots of celebs who look 30+ years younger than their real age, and this is because they only eat steamed chicken and brocolli and keep out of the sun :21: maybe this is lulu's secret. :p i know this is true because they have told hello magazine :p oooh plus water lots of water

eitherway, wow she looks great, don't think its down to the facecream though
I read somewhere (dunno if it's true) that she admits to having had a fair bit of Botox in the past, but hasn't used it since using her new range (funny that!!). Not sure if I believe that to be honest!

It wouldn't surprise me if she's had more than Botox.
Sorry, I don't believe she has stopped the cosmetic procedures. That's fine - she can do what she likes, as long as she doesn't let people think she looks as she does because of a bit of dripping in a pot...

Wonder what some of these people look like close up in real life without the professional slap.

I still say that if the skincare ranges are so great why don't the likes of Lulu, Liz Earle, Lee from Philosophy etc etc appear on screen bare faced - or at least let's have a photo of them without the screen make-up.
Good heavens, I thought you were talking about my puppy, Lucrezia Borgia (see my avatar) known as Lulu.

She hasn't had any surgical procedures at all, although she could do with having little rubber tips put on her snashy teeth.

Lulu? Who is this woman who has usurped my dog's name?
lovely dog statis, what breed is she, reminds me of an ibiza hound

Thank you and well spotted! She is a Cirneco dell'Etna; they come from Sicily where they were used to guard temples and now hunt rabbits on the slopes of Mount Etna. The name translates as Etna Hound, or Sicilian Hound.

Apparently Phoenician traders carried them from North Africa and distributed them on islands throughout the Mediterranean. So the Cirneco is a cousin of the Ibizan hound -- although much smaller -- and of the Pharaoh Hound of Malta.

The dogs are descended from the ones you seen on Egyptian tomb paintings.

Mine is nearly 14 weeks old, and is bonkers...

(Sorry for thread-jacking...)
thanks satis, and btw sorry i got you name wrong

No problem!

I got a letter from the firm who supplied the electronic chip for Lulu. They had spelled her name 'Lucrezia Borgim'.

I phoned and said, "No, it's BORGIA, Lucrezia BORGIA." And the lady at the other end said, "Borgia? How are you spelling that...?"

She's well named, although she hasn't actually poisoned anyone yet.

And sorry, I'll stop it now!
I think I saw Lulu on QVC saying that she had had Botox in the past but wasn't going to again.

But, talking of going under the knife - I saw Miriam Stoppard on either Newsnight or C4 News a few days ago - I couldn't believe my eyes, she looked positively waxen and had a surprised smile permanently carved into her bulbous face... well, I say it was Miriam Stoppard, maybe it was her identical granddaughter :8:

Maybe she doesn't have Botox any more but bet she has things like Polaris (laser treatment) and major micro-dermabrasion.

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