Lulu Guiness TSV!


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I will be buying more than one to save on the p and p, so important in the current economic climate.

Seriously, I do have a few of her evening bags though, which I love.
What do you want to bet it'll turn out to be a tiny coin-purse, with 'witty' embroidery, costing a mere £50?

OTOH, if QVC could see their way to offering one of those bag-of-roses bags for, say £75, they might just pull me in!
I'm actually quite excited about this. I hope it is a decent sized bag - one of her 'pollyana' or 'edith' bags usually about £150 down to half price or something. Still expensive yes, but a great tsv.
Well I can hardly wait. The anticipation of paying £100+ for a fussy, infantile, tiny plastic bag will probably keep me awake for weeks. :YIKES: :pPC:
Perhaps it might be a bag in which to keep your Guiness at the correct temp so as not to serve it too hot!

Have lost the plot.

Looking for a cool, dark room.
Has anyone got any hints as to what this might be yet?

I reckon it'll be the lips key ring - they figure in the trailer for "best of British" on the 8th in a variety of colours, the only one I can remember though is yellow.
It might be a piece of expensive tat, "made especially for QVC", i.e. she wouldn't be seen dead selling it in her shops!

I'm a bit too old for cutsey cutsey stuff.


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