Lovely morganite pendant


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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
I don't buy a lot from this channel nowadays, but I still keep an eye on the website as there are nice things to be had if you look hard.

I've just received this, purchased in the web auctions for a forward bid price of £55:

The colour is lovely (like the pic), the gem is well cut, the diamonds are nice and it's a good design. If anybody else wants one (and you can get it for even less with the 15% discount!), it's still available in the web auctions...
Hi Miss M - that's such a pretty pendant and an unusual, very elegant cut. I like to trawl through the web games myself from time to time, it's remeniscent of beachcombing lol. A big cup of coffee and a couple of hours is usually required.

I'm sure your pendant will give you much pleasure.

Argey xx

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