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Hi all,
Just wondering if anyone has bought the Lock N Lock try me, the "new generation" of Lock N Lock? Is it better? Is it worth a try?:confused:
If it's the polycarbonate i would definitly say yes it is really strong and won't stain in the mike with tomato based sauces.
I bought the Try Me, not tried any tomato based sauces in them yet. They seem very strong compared to the old style. Also bought it because it had sizes I use for once.
Thanks to Snoopy and Sazza. Just tried to quote both of their replies but only allowed one quote nowadays. Or it could just be me.......:confused:
And forget that rubbish about only one per customer. On QActive and online you can buy as many as you want!
I... (7-stone [I wish] weakling)... can't get the lids on the ones that came without them ready-fitted. The silicone seals are not completely completely seated in their channels. I've gone around pressing it in with a rubber spatula, no good - is it OK to try a bluntish knife?

It's OK, dunnit - I turned them upside down and put all my weight on them. Stiff, though.

I always have to ask a silly question, then I know the answer :p


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