Lock & Lock Lid Snapped (purple)


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AKA Slinkychops
Jun 24, 2008
Jersey, Channel Islands
Yup one of the flaps (so to speak:30:) has just snapped off my new puple Lock & Lock set - so much for that machine that Malcolm has going that tests the ruddy lids!

I shall be calling QVC about this..I really liked this set (last TSV):52:

Has this happened to anyone else, I recall it might have in the past?
Yes i had one rattling around in the box on one of my sets,had to send the whole lot back,one of the boxes was broken on the replacement set gave up at that point.
Rento i was told about somewhere you can send just the broken part back PM on the way.It came too late for me but may help you.
Wait Wait!! now hold on a minute!!
Purple Lock and Lock.....TSV......How did I miss this? When was it? Can someone give me the item number please, I love purple!!!
There have been a lot of posts on here and neg reviews on QVC regarding the poor resilience of the latest lines of locn'n'lock. I think either their quality control is poor or they have just decided we all have so much of this stuff now that they don't have to make it last as long!
wouldn't it be hilarious if one of the hinges snapped on the machine, live when it had only clocked up a few tests? actually, the cynic in me is starting to think that is why the machine is not reset to zero each time so even if it did break it would look like it had notched up a quarter million or something!
Only one breakage here- when I dropped a box straight from the freezer. I'm fairly new to the range and I love it. :)
I have had several of the coloured lids, both pink & green, snap. I don't think they are as strong as the original range. I've never returned any, as I was told by CS that the whole set had to be returned, and I have several sets mixed up so can't remember which goes with what. :(
I bought a double set and 2 of the lids broke. A flap on each lid just snapped off and flew across my kitchen narrowly missing my rather alarmed cat!

I phoned up and was told I would have to return the entire order which I just couldn't be bothered to do as I had started to use some of them already. We reached a compromise when I was offered a refund of the p&p.

The 2 lidless boxes are still quite useful....I have keys in one and paperclips in the other!
I bought the air-tight version of the lock & lock - waste of money, valves have gone on all of them & the dials just fall out, not had them that long either maybe 8 months!!
Morrissons sell something very similar and I have quite a few.
I have got one lid which has split slightly, but not enough to actually fall off or not seal.

I get them when they are on offer - and they are usually around £1 to £1.50 depending on size and most people have a morrissons within throwing distance, so they are easy to return if you do get a problem. They seem good quality too and can go in the freezer and microwave (except the lids in the microwave).
Our local TK Max has a few of the polycarbonate ones.

Never had any probs with my set, so far so good x
I'm fairly new to L&L so could someone tell me what exactly the guarantee is please? I've only ever picked up one or two on my travels - one in Waitrose, a few in Lakeland etc., but never a set from QVC.

Hubby uses a round container to take milk to work without it spilling in his bag (no more nasty "oops, I forgot to tell you it spilt" whiffs for me to wash out - woohoo!). I can see that one of the flaps is starting to weaken after only a few months, though.
I was offered a replacement lid from QVC for 1 of the larger items-but it was a 6 week wait for them to come in. Returned the whole set

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