L'Occitane TSV 12/7/08


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I'm hoping for hand cream, won't buy if its the large body lotion it stings like mad, the only product of theres I've tried and can't use.
Would like to see something different in the tsv.Don't want any more Rose,Milk or Lavender.Have enough of those to last me years!
The TSV is 225 104 L'Occitane 6 Piece Aix En Provence Collection currently priced £47.50. :)

Looks like it has

500ml Body Lotion
500ml Vebena Shower Gel or Bath Foam
Small handcream of some sort
Small fragrance spray


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Thanks Sazza. What bliss- my skin just drinks in the body lotion and the other items look grat too. Am looking forward to trying the fragrance.:D

Message to Twinkle and BusyLizzie- I'm getting this one, don't try to put me off. :p
Again the 500ml body lotion??????????????:mad:
They have to include it in every TSV, how boring!
I love l'occitane, but not the shea butter body lotion which makes my skin itchy and bumpy!
Another l'occitane TSV I will miss, I rather pay a visit to Bicester Village or check online the sales.
Why don't they introduce other products: olive range, immortelle range, apple range .... etc etc

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