L'Occitane Liquid Soap suitable for use as a shower gel??


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Jan 5, 2009
I am considering the tsv but would not use the liquid soap as that but as a shower gel. has anyone found this to be suitable i know they have said it is suitable and should be just checking! thanks!
I havent used the handwash as shower gel but have used the shower gels as handwash,
I seem to go through handwash quicker than shower gel
bit OCD with handwashing :thinking2:
i have used the soap as shower gel, with one of those netty squidgy squashy things, prefer it to shower gel.

i dont like the gentle white body wash but got it in a tsv, i use it as hand wash and find it does not last as long as the liquid soap.

i have used liquid soap as shampoo with really goos shiney results, tho not as a regular thing, i prefer the verbena overall
I find their liquid soap quite drying and wouldn't use it as a body wash.:smirk:
I end up using the huge shower gels as handwash. Then now and again almost faint at what I have spent to wash my hands...

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