L'Occitane Auto deliervy TSV


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Does anyone knoe what is going to be in the next Auto Delivery TSV from L'Occitane?
The real problem about AD is that I can never remember when they are due and what will be in it when they change the "flavour" selection. :thinking2:
I believe they are being shipped on 15th August but have no idea what will be in it or rather don't remember! I only remember the last one being the Ruban D'Orange (Sunny Shower) shower gel/lotion which would have been nice for summer :)
Boris Bear: you are a treasure. Was almost thinking of cancelling it, but am really happy not to now and look forward to having it.
Thank you:flower:
Mine is showing as shipped today. Thinking about it now I remember when they were selling it back in February, they said that it was verbena which would be good as we would get it in the height of the summer! What summer?

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