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Jun 24, 2008
Liz Fuller is back on TJC. Watched her this morning and she was pretty good. I have to say that imho TJC have the best presenters by far just now - no stupid faces, no hard sell carp, no shock horror gasps etc. like a certain other channel :54: One still manages to talk rubbish on occasion but in general they are fairly down to earth, laid back and can be quite amusing! I do miss Vicky Letch though.
is she the very bleach blonde? pink top, too much cleavage. I thought vikki letch was great too
put the sound on for a bit, and Liz, the presenter is great, i really like her. Never seen her before, but i think theres something likeable about her, genuine. guess that proves you souldn't judge a book and all that, as when i had the sound off i imagined she'd be annoying, when in fact i was totally wrong!
Yes Gemdreamer I know what you mean especially on that "other" channel where all the blondes are annoying and awful (except Ruth)!! Liz IS good though unlike those others.

The Scots woman on Britain's Got Talent taught us all not to judge a book by it's cover - I think everyone thought she'd be rubbish but she's great! A Scot of course :9:
exactly Klos, there was also a very annoying blonde on gems tv (left now), ali i think her name was, and carol from rocks tv who i cannot watch at all! But Liz i really enjoyed watching, and she will be one of the few presenters that i actually have the sound on for!
I also like anoushka alot.

Yes, the lady on britain's got talent was amazing, i hope she does really well, such a hard song to sing too.
Brilliant News, huge fan of Liz.

Me too Graham :35:

Hey.. YES... I tuned in for a bit today while having lunch and saw Liz.. Excellent glad she is back, she adds so much glamour to the show and always looks stunning and inspiring..

Liz has a wicked sense of humour, that always gives us a giggle here and more importantly she knows her Jewellery!! :)

Welcome Back Liz .. you have been missed! x
Yes she caused a laugh with the crew today when she said "It's my first mens piece this year"!!

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