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Jul 31, 2008
Hi there ! :10:

Does anyone know what will be the contents of the upcoming LE tsv?

It's all very hush hush . and I'd love to know since if it's gonna be a good one, I'll want to prioritize my spending atm so I can go mad & stockpile !! :32:
I'm looking forward to finding out too so I can work out my spending for this month. I'm hoping it might be hush hush because it contains the new footcare range.
^^New footcare stuff sounds great, :32: but I'm not interested in that atm, I'm more or less looking to just stock up on my can't-do-without essentials. :32:

Tsv's are great for stocking up on Liz Earle as you often get more bang for your buck.

No one knows what's in it tho? BUGGER! :33:
I'm excited to see what they roll out

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