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Jun 27, 2008
What do Liz fans think of this? I am off to the Isle of wight next week and think I *may* find my way to her shop. The only things I haven't tried are the handwash,the lip and eye and the new body treatment (which doesn't interest me) I can't see me walking out empty handed (!) and have all the usual goodies is it worth trying these 2 products? I have been using Decleor hydratensor (which I haven't found that good-all gone now anyway) and love the gatineau strategie jeunesse intensive eye treatment (love it but more of a masque/treat for tired eyes)so am looking for a daiy treatment for my eyes.
I like the eye and lip treatment its very cooling when applyed on the skin.
Not tried the lip & eye whatsit but I am a big fan of the hand wash! If your hands are in water a lot (& mine are!), it is wonderful stuff, leaves your hands beautifully soft & smooth, with none of that 'dried prune' appearance or feeling!
Also lovely as a lux-uuuuur-ious (as AY would say!) hand wash for the bathroom just because it's nice but be warned......if you're part of a big family, it'll disappear at the same rate as free whisky when everybody else cottons on to how nice it is too! lol
Its brilliant it has a beautiful texture and I find it very moisturising without being too heavy, a definite must have for me :)

Couldnt have put it better myself Clare, apart from to add it is a million times better than hydrotenseur.
Also the handwash contains 400 pumps so excellent value for money so you must buy some :)
I think it's definitely worth going in the shop - you can try everything anyway, and once I washed my hands with the hand wash I had to buy it!!

But meanwhile I also handcreamed, moisturised etc :cheeky:

They were also offering free hand or foot massages, and of course a complimentary something or other in your nice bag.

Have to say, the staff were very nice.......I don't think you'd be made to feel naughty if you just tried but didn't buy......
The handwash is absolutely brilliant - you will find some sort of drops into your bag !!! I'm using it as an alternative to the body wash as I prefer the pump (and it's cheaper...)

I was in London in July and went to the store for the first time to get some foot repair but came out with a few other bits including the superskin body cream which had just come in. I know it's not exactly cheap but it's wonderful and my skin loves it - dry, flaky shins went with one application. Prefer it to the 'normal' body cream and think it goes further.

Haven't tried the lip & eye as it's not my thing.

It's a good job I don't live near a store - it would be fatal. The staff were fantastic, you always get a freebie of your choice from what I can gather and the customer service is as ever unbeatable from LE. Roll on the TSV !
Can anyone tell me if they have tried this product after using Daily Eye Repair and how the two compare. I use the Daily Eye Repair at the moment but it doesn't seem to be moisturising my eyes as much as it used to.

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