Lissi Dolls - They are not REAL Catherine !!


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Oct 3, 2008
OMG, how weird is Catherine with those Lissi dolls? She is treating them like they are real, but it's not nice, it's a bit creepy!
its the lissi guest woman who freaks me out. she is totally wrong. and in all fairness they look really cheap and spacky to me. a little dated.
AW leave her alone she is only trying to flog them and she does seem abit loopy to boot.
how hilarious!!! i have never seen the shows as the whole idea does not really appeal to me, but i saw jilly's audition video and thought if there were ever a job i would not be able to take seriously, it was talking about the dolls...sorry to anyone who loves them like their children, but i think it is a bit weird when they are afraid that the underskirt is a bit ruffled but cannot fix it because that involves lifting the skirt or worse rummaging around underneath the skirt...very odd....

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