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Jul 7, 2008
It looks like Lisa B has reverted back to her previous boyfriend after her split with Mike Mason.....

The last couple of days Lisa has been pictured looking very cosy with Robbie Williams in a park.....

I loved Lisa B and Mike Mason together as a couple but it would explain her sudden departure from Gala TV....

Not to worry I have noticed since, we have seen more of her on the shopping channels which I am loving.......

Im sure most girls will agree, if they had the choice of Mike Mason or Robbie Williams the latter would win, Although I loved seeing Lisa and Mike work together!!!!

Good luck to them both ;);)
I wish her the best of luck too, but her last few days on air she's been stating she's very single!
Sorry to sound a bit harsh,but i really couldnt see RW with her,i am sure he could have his choice of many beautiful women,couldnt see them as a couple myself
Marty can you provide us with a source please. I clearly heard Lisa say yesturday she was single on Bid TV.

I heard her say the same on Price-Drop last night, I wish Lisa would come back to Sit-Up full time :(. She's the only reason to watch Price-Drop these days, no presenter can match her entertainment value.

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