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Jun 29, 2008
Has anyone ever tried these pies. I ordered the try me on Sunday and it arrived yesterday. Tried one for lunch today and it was awful. Should have been Lamb in mont gravy with shallots. Pastry was very crumbly, meat was dry, didn't taste anything like lamb. Hardly any filling and one lump of what I thought was meat was gristle. I have spoken to CS and she was very apologetic and was arranging for the courier to uplift the rest. Good job I kept the packaging. Problem is she couldn't let me know when they would be collected and told me to keep them in the freezer until they courier called. I'm sure the courier will be happy to wait whilst I put them in the box and seal it. (I don't think) Also there was no invoice in the box so I have no return label to use.
I'm afraid Lime Tree Pantry can keep their pies. I can buy better pies from the supermarket.
Sorry to hear that you have had such a bad experience.

Batley Mill is quite local to me and the past I have bought Lime Tree Pantry chicken & leek pie. The pastry was very short but buttery and it was chic a bloc full of filling, scarcely room for the gravy, it was lovely.

May well be that the pie you tried wasn't very nice.

We tend to buy them now and again from our local garden centre.

Funnily enough the lamb & mint gravy is probably our favourite savoury pie (have seen chicken & leek there) but also like some of the fruit ones.

Sorry you've had a bad experience. I recently bought a couple at NEC (chicken & mushroom) and was so impressed I bought some more on the Sunday when we went back :1: The pastry is lovely & short and both my OH and myself commented on the fact that the pastry didn't upset us:54: as it's made with vegetable fat. We've tried Lamb & Mint, & Steak & Kidney - all are lovely. Yet to try the fruit pies but am confident they will be just as nice.

Shame you seem to have had a bad batch.

Pauline x
Are the pies frozen when you buy them in a shop....or just chilled? It maybe that the freezing process spoils them a bit.
I buy these direct from them online as that way I can choose which ones I want.

I do find them quite dry, but they do make a good meal, and I particularly like the fruit pies.
The only fault I have found is that they are dry and you need to add some gravy.
My local shop sells them frozen, but does have a very good selection.
I have always found them to be full of meat.

Allway buy them when they do the Cheshire Show, but they tend to be chilled and are at a very good price.
They always look lovely on the demos!What a shame,some of the reviews on the website are not that great though,I've just had a look.Maybe you just had a bad one!

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