Lessons in Beauty..what have we learnt so far?


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Jun 26, 2008
Well I have learned that:

1: the before pictures of the models must be taken with the worst possible light so that they all look pale and sickly; and
2: trying to prevent lines, wrinkles, age spots, liver spots, dandruff, hard skin etc would cost me a small fortune!!!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't learned anything from any of the guests due to the fact that Alison Y has spoken at full shrieking voume over the top of all of them today. Was wanting to watch the Philip Kingsley hour as I am wanting to try the range but had to switch off because she seemed to know more about the products than he (the creator of the range) does!
Did learn that you can mix prolagene with system corps and other decleor products, which is quite good as I cant stand the smell of prolagene gel.
Almost got persuaded to buy the TSV but have learned that if I dont watch I wont buy :LOL:
i have learned that my purse is remaining closed and my tv tuned to come dine with me, ali young has to be the best thing to help me through the credit crunch ALISON JUST SHUT UP AND STOP TALKING TO US AS IF WE ARE TODDLERS WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES.
I have learned that I only watch QVC if I have nothing else worth doing, and that having plenty of worthwhile things to do saves me pots of money :1:
1. Smashbox is really, truly, the best make up.

2. Fiona from Decelor gets dry skin from aging, not cos of heating (according to Alison).

3. That if you use PK's hair products, you will get a free assistant, called Ian, delievered to you for no extra charge, who will puff your hair and direct alllll your head movements for as long as you live.
..that little bottle of bubble bath with pictures of silly men on are extremly attractive, in fact this applies to all the packaging of Philosophy products, however they are less attractive now Lee has gone:54:
I've learnt that Alison Young would flog a tub of lard and tell you it is the best thing since sliced bread (to slap on your face) as long as she was getting paid for it.
I've learnt that in order to accommodate all the 'this is the best thing since sliced bread' products I need to build an extension.

I've learnt not to be swayed by the sales pitch, but stick to the products that suit me, because I don't want the hassle of having another extension built.

I've learnt that I will never look like some of the models no matter what make up I use, because I apply mine myself and don't have a resident expert.

I've learnt that I can actually sit on my hands now and resist the temptation to buy things I don't need.

But it was a more interesting day (I had it on in the background while I prepared work for tomorrow) than a day of gardening (apologies to the gardeners) or 24 hours of craft.
I've learnt that the rosehip oil I bought from QVC turns your pillow-cases orange as well as your face!
Absolutely nothing because I haven't tuned into QVC for weeks now and I've saved a lot of money - suppose that means I have learnt something then....:33:
I've learned that there's a great value Gatineau OTO that is full of things that I actually need (ie I've run out of & was planning to repurchase anyway).

Oh no, hang on a minute - I learned that from ST (thanks SCW) not QVC
I have learned that Alison Young loves the sound of her own nasally shreek.

Fiona from Decleor seems very lovely but if she is only 35 ish then Decleor doesn't do what it says on the tin!!!!!!!!!!

Genie model Carmen can't move her face despite being about 90

GHD'S are over priced.
I have learned that the only way for me not to buy beauty products is for the telly to break.......................and the computer! I have no self control.
I've learnt that the rosehip oil I bought from QVC turns your pillow-cases orange as well as your face!

Oh Calico - do tell which brand. I was given some at the event last week and I've got new bedding. Won't bother to use it at night if it is the same!
I have learned that although I was well and truly pis*ed off at work yesterday due to the excessive workload, understaffing, leaving my home @ 6.20 am AND not returning until 11.15 pm. I really didnt miss anything different at all!
i learnt that the words stock plie and use by dates are anather word for buying stuff you dont need. i have never ever stock plied stuff in my life before and i am resuming my old habits.
Trilogy Rosehip oil

Oh Calico - do tell which brand. I was given some at the event last week and I've got new bedding. Won't bother to use it at night if it is the same!

I use Trilogy rosehip oil and use only 2 drops for whole face. I have no problems with transfer onto bedding. So much does seem to sink into skin as it should do.
You might be over generous with your application.
I also learned that justbeautydirect could let me have what I want at a cheaper price!

Was it just me or where there a lot of their usual brands that were not included in beauty day and that is why we had 54,0000 million airings of Decleor?

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