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Jun 24, 2008
Was a bit surprised to see Lee Clark on the 8 a.m. repeat hour flogging a TV dongle.
Yes Sue he is.

Don't know if he was a little nervous but he kept on saying the 'B' word.

(B-A-S-I-C-A-L-L-Y) That word drives me nuts.
oh yes.. woohooo!! was just off to have a bath.. but caught a glimpse Lee on my tele with the 'Click Free' :hi: .. well, it was great to see him on QVC.. erm.. damm I now hava cold bath .. but must say the Click Free is Fantastic..

I have had one for a while it's Brilliant .. recommend it 100% (still not sure how you delete things from it tho once you have saved them)

I think he said he will be back tomorrow morning .. going to be an expensive day! :nod: lol
Lee is on now with the Acer Netbook.

He must have left Rocks and Co, they weren't worthy of him anyway.
Hi all

I don't think Lee works for QVC, from what I can see Lee is representing Acer Laptops.

Smooth as ever, I was tempted!

If you read this post Lee I wish you the very best! I am so pleased that you are not associated with R&C - dreadful bunch

Good luck!

Maybe he's freelance?? I would think he's having to work non-stop with a recent divorce and another wedding to pay for..........:Whistling: :pPC:
Must be freelance.

AverMedia TV dongle,
Click Free,
Acer Netbook.

The other Lee must be doing something else, (dressed all in black, which he often is, he reminds me of a modern day Spiv).
QVC appear to be employing several ex-shopping channel presenters, Abby Surgeon being one, as reps of companies who provide sales stock. I don't think Lee is an employee of Acer, but probably a self-employed shopping tv presenter being utilised by QVC to add weight to the presentation of the product.
I don't think he's got the selling of technology items off pat yet, still seems a bit nervous, needs a bit more time.

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