Le Edge Anyone Tried it?


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Yes I got mine on Wednesday. Only used it once, its very gentle on results but you do feel it when you use it. I used on my face and body in the shower and was impressed by it. I'm going to try it out on my feet next time I soak them as I think it will be like a really mild version of the microplane. It's not a miracle worker but its good. I think if the romans used it for years (the strigil, which leEdge is based on) then it's a successful concept.
I have tried Le Edge. I really don't like it. I have found it difficult to use on areas that are not so firm. It is way too time consuming and reminds me of shaving. I much prefer a body scrub. I would only use Le Edge if I ran out of body scrub:11:
I just ordered one of these a few weeks ago and have to say I really like it...it is true that it is a bit annoying how time consuming it is, but it does definitely work. I am still developing my technique(!) but I think it seems to work best with a bit of a lather, rather than just damp skin. The first time you use it, do not repeat any areas as it may be lead to the skin becoming too sore, and careful on the face, but now I find that using it regularly seems to give a good exfoliation!
Hi Donna
I have used this and for me it works better after i have had a soak in the bath.It does take a bit of getting used to but i love the results.I did not get on with it well in the shower as it was too course i felt on the skin but when i tried it in the bath it was a lot better and left me with smooth skin and it is good on the feet.
Thanks everyone. I don't own a shower.:11: So it would be the bath, thinking of behind the thights etc. Knowing me I would have the urge to return to an area I just did.

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