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I love it. Fashion jewellery pieces that do not look tacky. Expensive though.
I ordered the three enamel and crystal band rings as I thought that £36 wasn't too bad for three rings. I'll let you know what they're like IRL when they come.
I did like some of the other stuff too, but as you say, a bit pricey :)
I liked it too, was poorly yesterday (due to side effects of meds I am on) and had to take to my bed, so watched quite a bit of QVC , this was different, hooray, will wait for the reviews\clearance before I take the plunge. Loved the colours
This range looks really good, pricey considering its fashion jewellery, but it does look expensive. There’s definitely a lot of workmanship that has gone into the range. I like the Chunky Crystal Pave Heart necklace, but can’t justify the £78 price tag, as I have brought similar pieces for less than half the price. Great range nonetheless.:)

Hope the side effects are subsiding Silversequin.:flower:

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