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Jan 2, 2009
Well I have to say I am gutted with the delivery I had today :(

These 2 are keepers:


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These 2 just didn't live up to expectations. The rubies are very opaque with no sparkle at all and the opal looks nothing like it did on screen


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The champagne quartz set is gorgeous but one of the earrings has a loose stone so it has to go back.

The bracelet is beautiful but it looks as though the silver is coming off. I have tried to capture it with the camera and I think you can see what I mean. It has white marks all over it.


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The last piece is a gorgeous ring but I was absolutely disgusted when I looked inside the band of the ring!!... See if you can see what I mean...


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OMG Shireen - what a disappointing haul. I have both your keepers!

I think you need to send an e-mail with pictures as the bracelet and the ring looks tarnished eeekkk how on earth did it pass QC!!

i had the white opal delivered today and I like it might check it out again tomorrow.
omg shireen, that are too many items faulty or not up to scratch
I have a ruby/diamond eternity rings (in fact I have 2, one with petite stones, another more your size) and its gorgeous and shiny

Hope this was a once off..... and contact cs with this
Shireen can I suggest that you give the ruby and the opal a clean with a toothbrush and warm soapy water. Sometimes it can bring a dull ring back to life, sorry if you've already tried it. :spider:
Hi Basket Case,

I cant explain why the opal isn't up to expectation but it does have inclusions that look like it has been dropped and it has cracks inside. As for the ruby I will give it a go :)
How disappointing for you...I hope you can get it sorted out.

I had a look at your other photos...some lovely things there! ( I particularly liked the flamingo topaz earrings.)
Hi Shireen,
Sorry to hear you have problems with our items, I am more than happy as always to resolve these for you. If you could email me direct at [email protected] I'll get everything sorted for you.
What a shame so many weren't up to scratch Shireen, I hope CS make you a happy bunny again.
The little Tookalon bracelet is DEFINITELY worth a replacement, it's a lovely thing and I think the damage is a one-off, mine doesn't have that problem.
As for tarnishing - well, I hate to say it, but I've had a fair few bits arrive tarnished, and it's all down to the packaging. It looks the business, but no non-airtight cardboard box is going to stop silver having air get to it. I've accepted my bits that way and cleaned them up myself, but as stock gets older it's going to get worse apart from things like earrings that are sealed into plastic bags.
Shame about the opal too, I've had half an eye on it, though I wouldn't expect the world's finest opal at that size and price. Will probably give it a miss now.
Enjoy your keepers anyway, I guess we all have a bad haul from time to time, it's when it's every time that we drop the company - and I guess also how they react to your issues. Good to see Tony on the case already, that's why we still love Rocks despite a few issues from time to time!
Hi Shireen forward the e-mail to Tony. It is frustrating when items are not in stock but keep checking as items do come back in stock! Hope Tony is able to sort all the issues out.

I have been a regular buyer and have over 300 items my last haul was disappointing and I did send 6 items back - a first for me.
Hi Shireen

I am really sorry about this, these pieces are totally hand made in Silver and are not plated in anyway so they normally need cleaning periodically, but they should never have left my warehouse looking like that, i will get Tony to look into it immediately

some great pieces there Shireen. what a shame some stuff has slipped thru the QC net, but glad to see the crew is on the case immediately.

I'd be happy to offer services as a polisher of yummy jewellery before it leaves the warehouse lol
Nice to know the rocks team read the forum so pick up on these things really quickly glad to hear it will be sorted for you
can i ask where do you get you £1 bargains from they all look fab thanks for showing us your pics.
Steve, thank you for replying and I have emailed Tony with the information.

Sammi now there's an idea, I am looking for a job lol

Milly the bargains were from Gems TV but I will stress that I was very lucky to be able to get so many lol...

The reason I have not logged in to Gems or watched it for that matter is that I love the ethos of Rocks and the chatroom is a wonderful feature. It all makes for a much better experience. The team at Rocks are all fantastic.

Thank you :D

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