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Jun 24, 2008
Church of Schumacher, recruiting again!
I fallded off the wagon....


Don't think I can carry off that huge pearl ring - shame, as it's lovely.
Also unsure about the marcasite, I think I prefer the other one I already have, having a think about it.



Pretty watch - I bought it for the aquamarines though, which are practically invisible they're so small!!! Still keeping it, it's a lovely silver watch! I thought it was miles too big when I tried it at first, it took a second visit to the box before I noticed a removable extender, which rescued it from the returns pile.


This one's a bit underwhelming, don't think it's staying.


Was a bit worried about opening these, they're much more delicate than my usual style, but I like them.


These aren't calling to me to open the bag I'm afraid.


I love the design of this ring, but I'm not sure if labradorite is doing it for me... I love the blue chunk, but not the grey bit!


Another one I'm not sure about, pretty but not WOW, so I'm undecided. I expected more sparkle from the zircons I think.


I'm gutted about this one - it's absolutely stunning, even though I don't usually stray away from my white metals, the rose finish is fantastic. Shame it doesn't fit :( The metal part is exactly the same size as the aquamarine above, but with the chain bracelet it wraps around my tiny wrist, with the leather strap it's too stiff and it just sticks out and looks stupid.


Not sure about this one either - I already have some beautiful pearly necklaces, can't place what's putting me off this one???


Now this I do love, it's a brilliant fit and a fantastic look. I now need the iolite and garnet versions!!! Requested today, but hung around for hours without them coming up. Maybe tomorrow...


Sadly this isn't really me, but it will be a fab little gift for my mum - it was after all an accidentally low bargain price!!!


Well as you can see this is damaged, so has to go back. To be honest it's a little more delicate than I expected, so not bothering with a replacement. That said, the pearls are a beautiful shade of purple.


Wow wow wow wow wow, the star of this haul for sure!!! Of course it is, cost a flaming fortune lol!!! Honestly thought this would not be worth the money, partly blown away partly cringing at the hefty price tag but no way I could bear to send it back!!! Buy one, you won't regret it...!!!


Another I'm undecided about. It's pretty, but the stones are a bit variable in quality. Having a think... To be honest, I have many bracelets I love more, but it does feel like a great bargain.


And they sent me the wrong watch altogether here, was meant to be the 3 strand silver pearl watch. Not asking for the right one, as the big necklace has blown my budget!

Any thoughts on my undecideds most welcome! Any thoughts how to break this addiction equally welcome...
I love the marcasite ring but the watch, as you say, does not look good.

If you don't like the others then send them back, no point keeping them if you aint happy with them.

All the others are stunning, shame about the broken one.
Can't help you with the addiction PQ as I am currently waiting for the wagon to pass my gaff!!!:8:

On to your goodies.......the keepers are fab,the mystic blue mecklace is so you and as you say the star of the delivery,the bracelet keeper is so unusual too and again,very you.

I tried the rose gold leather strap watch last year and like you,it just would not fit right,a real shame,but you got the silver one to fit so well done there.

As for the undecideds.......I agree with your opinion on most,but I do think you suit the first pearl ring,but it's you who has to wear it.I love the style of the lab ring but if the stone doesn't sing you won't be happy.

Enjoy the keepers though......a nice haul........hey,you only live once!!!:18:
That's what I call falling off the wagon!!! :11:
(PS that topaz necklace is a show-stopper!!!!)
Could you tell me exactly where you fell Pearly, because you seem to have picked up all sorts of lovely colourful pebbles and metal chunks. If you can show me the exact spot I'll throw meself off as well - lol
Nice fall Pearlyqueen ! Love all your keepers - the mystic topaz is stunning on you. I have the bracelet in iolite and also looking for the garnet one. The purple pearl necklace didn't arrive with my order - got email to say didn't pass quality control, pity they didn't spot your one too.

As for your not sure's - if there's a niggle - send them back or they'll just sit there and never be worn. I know what you mean about the other pearl necklaces - there's just "something" that's not setting them off right. Better to send them back and have another wee fall with the refund. Enjoy your fab haul.
Wow PQ Love the mystic blue necklace. All your returns have been on my wish list so off they come now!!!

I would send all the ones you are unsure about Anne as you can always get more with the refunds lol

Love the moonstone bracelet!!!! Do I need it no do I want it yes!!!!!!!!!!! :)
love the haul PQ u have done very well... i think the showstopper for me is the blue mystic necklace its fab, ive just got the single pendant and love it,my daughter has the blue topaz bangle and looks great with her jeans etc.I too loved the rosegold watch but had the same problem that it just didnt sit right such a shame i want sweetpeas one !!!!do you think she would share????enjoy and glad you managed to get the bracelet you wanted xxxx
I love the topaz necklace on you looks stunning well worth what ever you paid for it its so very you.
i agree wth the keepers and the ones that dont shout" keep me " send back and something else will come along that you love I also had the pearl necklace thats broken and mine was exactly the same as yours with the bottom pearl missing i to did'nt ask for a replacement as i found it was a bit short on me I'm surprised the laboradite did'nt shout keep me as i have one( not from rocks) but its very blue all over maybe just not a great stone i expect they vary from wow to yuck lol well done with your keepers and enjoy them
Right, honest opinion Pearly :

Love the marcasite 'turban' ring, I bought it, and my Mum snaffled it!
Not sure about the 'fried egg' pearl ring!

Hmm, apologies to those that have it, I don't like the extra 'ring' around the pearl watch, to me it's superfluous.

I'm not personally in to rose gold, but it's a lovely watch.

Again, sorry, but the hammered 'nipple' ring isn't doing it for me.

Well you did ask!!!!

For me, definite keepers are the pearl necklaces and earrings, I bought the one with the circles for my sister for next Christmas :4:

Blue mystic topaz, drop dead gorgeous!

Love the blue topaz bangle.

Quite a haul there PQ, but pleased to see you acknowledge your bling addiction. Try to stay away from any computer. If this is not possible, I feel a little stay at The Priory is your only option. It might be expensive, but is bound to save you money in the long run!
Aunty J
PS See you there

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