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Jun 24, 2008
Did anyone buy this? I bought a white one for my DD and the white has gone pink the silver around the crystal bezel has gone bronze and now a crystal has fallen out! Somehow the receipt has been thrown away, so does anyone know if you can still return it without the forms?

When something is faulty they should take it back whether you have the forms or not. I would give CS a ring stressing the fact that it's faulty.
They'll have a record of when you purchased it in their records, and if not you'll have the details in your account, which should serve as proof of purchase I'd have thought.

Irrespective of whether you still have the receipt, they should exchange it as it's obviously faulty. And how many customers hang on to the receipts once they decide they want to keep an item and the 30 days has expired? I certainly don't or I'd be knee-deep in bits of paper.

Hope you get it sorted.
If I ever have to return something when I've lost the receipt, faulty or not, I put as many details as I can on paper- order number, item number, my membership number and PIN as well as all the usual name and address stuff. It usually takes a little longer to process but I've always got a refund.

However, if the item is faulty, I'd ring CS and ask for a pre-paid label and tell them you would like your p&p paid back when they refund you for the item. It's always worked for me. Good luck.
Yes I think you'll be entitled to a full refund ,no questions asked,I bought a top which ran even though I folowed washing instructions I got money bag plus postage charges,good luck.

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