Knife Crime Madness!


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Jun 24, 2008
so, we're in the middle of a knife crime epidemic and QVC decide to sell an electric knife.

not just ANY electric knife but a cordless one with a battery pack so the little scroats can run off down the road with it, slash your tyres and then slit your throat.

handy! :p
Don't worry - they make sure you are 18 by only allowing you to buy it with a credit card. If only the police could crack crime like that.
I've been sitting watching that knife in horror and amazement! surely the only person that would want to buy it would be someone intending to decapitate?
Oooh, and I wish Kathy would keep her bluddy fingers outta the way of the blade :D

'Why did you stab your husband forty-seven times. You must have realised that he must have died after the first half dozen?'


Because I couldn't work out how to turn off the electric carving knife Your Honour.
As a normal minded lady I'm thinking it would be handy for carving roasts at the dinner table.

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