Kipling Original Lady Lorraine Any one any ideas


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Jun 27, 2008
Each time Kipling is on, there seems to be no sign of Lorraine (think that was her name) any more, has any one any ideas, as I prefered her to the present lady.
as usual when a guest presenter "disappears" there never seems to be any explanation you reckon there's a big black hole where past guests just get sucked up never to be seen or heard of again?
There was someone posting about it here. I think they said she moved to the US with her family.
Perhaps like in Corrie they all leave in a taxi never to be seen again
I don't really recall Lorraine as I've never bought Kipling from QVC bit presumably she was a slightly older (as in over 25!) lady?
When Kipling started out, they were for quite a while a kind of 'best kept secret' as far as bags went, well-made & practical yet stylish & affordable!
Since going more for the 'branded fashion' end of the market, their prices (for what you get!) have shot up & it's far more about the label! Who would have guessed all those years ago that Kipling would be one day thought of as hip & trendy, carriied by bright young things?
Hence presumably why we now have Barbie guest presenting?
Lorraine moved to the US because of her husbands job as as a result no longer works for Kilping.

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