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Jun 24, 2008
I own three of the kipling regular canvas-type bags but have, through direct choice, steered clear of leather, as I do not purchase leather.
One question - don't beat me up for it, it's just my personal opinion - if the bag was made from human and not animal skin, how many people would buy it and feel comfortable walking around wearing it?
I must say I prefer leather bags to the canvas-type bags. I also prefer/ wear leather shoes, but I must admit I have never given a thought to where or how they make leather.
I'm a vegetarian and don't buy leather - however as long as there is a meat industry (and I can't see everyone becoming vegetarian) there will always be leather which is a by-product.
I think it is purely a personal choice - if I want to use a leather bag or, which I believe is where you are coming from, eat meat also then surely this is my choice. I do not think that people who do not should preach to me what I can or cannot do. This is a free society and if I want to do so I will. If others don't then that is up to them.
if we didn't eat meat and use the leather there would be no farm is a whole different story to using animals purely for adornment.
Now heres a thought - maybe thats what they do with all the excess skin when they do 'tummy tucks' etc.......
Lol you guys and well done for lightening up a provocative thread.

We are animals and predators like the rest of the food chain and what people choose to eat or wear or do is an individual choice that goes back to the beginning of time. Most of us are hypocritical in many of our choices in life anyway ie we think we are being politically/ethically correct on the one hand but then do something else counterproductive.

Regarding the original question, we are an emotionally developed species which is why cannabilism is not the norm and I doubt you would choose to carry your stuff around in your granny....
Now heres a thought - maybe thats what they do with all the excess skin when they do 'tummy tucks' etc.......

Have mine please :D

I can offer a one off designer piece with a unique pattern thanks to my darling children....
i nearly always use leather handbags (i do own a couple of canvas bags for in the summer) and always leather shoes. As Kitee has already said leather is a by-product of the meat industry.
in answer the orig. question 'would i buy it if it was made of human hide'.... i dont live in a cannibalistic society nor one were we have legalised murder therefore it is unlikely ever to be a by-product of any industry so it is not a question i need to worry about.

Reportedly lampshades made of human hide were once a by-product of legalised murder. There is some debate about this but as the people responsible went on to be tried for war crimes it was not in their best interests to admit it.
Human skin bag, why not.

Humans have eaten humans for various reasons. Religious, starvation, or fetish.
Why do you thing man is known as the long pig? :32:
Many cultures believed eating your dead relative was honouring them. It went on well into the 1960's in some places. Look at the Andes plane crash in the 1970s.

Ed Gein made lampshades etc out of human skin, he was by the way the real Pycho of the movie. The Nazis did it too.

When I died if anyone would like to claim an Elemis complexion bag just let me know in advance.
We have a museum near us which has some of the 'human skin lamps' in - they are quite weird.

Also in these times of recycling why not??

Some of my skin would make a nice crocodile effect bag???

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