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Jun 24, 2008
I turned over to QVC for a few minutes this morning and the Kipling guest was presenting by herself. I missed the start so didn't see where the QVC presenters were. But the poor woman was so nervous. Her voice kept quivering and it was clear that she was struggling to speak and listen to the voice in her ear piece at the same time. Despite that I think she did very well. It's one thing guest presenting when there's a QVC 'professional' to do most of the work but quite another to suddenly be doing it all yourself. :clapping: I didn't see how many items she presented or whether the QVC presenters returned.

Did anyone else see this? Why was she presenting by herself?
I didnt see her start but she mentioned GMTV so got the impression she was going to be on GMTV soon, sorry cant help more but I am sure someone else will be along to let you know, I think she did really well considering she was very nervous.
Kathy came and spoke to her after she had finished doing the kipling bag, she also mentioned GMTV
Pippa said yesterday she'd been working with a lady, who is going to appear on GMTV LK today next week.
It's something regarding confidence and being able to to anything.
She said the lady would be presenting a Kipling bag in the morning show today.
Also she said if you watch GMTV LK next you will see back stage QVC and what the woman got up to.
Aw she did really well, I think she coped with her nerves admirably. It does look like some sort of confidence building thing, I often think I could do a better job of the presenting but in reality I would probably freeze or worse throw up from sheer fright! :puke:
That would result in a new colour for Kipling! :grin:
My mother and I watched the poor lady. She appeared to be scared sh*tless. How she managed to keep presenting was a miracle. 10 out of 10 for guts. Wondered if she left the set and threw up afterwards.
Thanks All. That explains it. I'll look out for her on LK next week. That's some confidence boosting exercise - appearing on live TV! I agree she did really well. I'd have made a right hash of it!

Sorry Choppysocks I don't know how to do links. I'm sure someone else will be able to oblige.

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